Let us Build a show for You!

Left to Our own devices we delve into the dark and strange but we can make acts fit Your unique theme. From apocalyptic to circus, steam punk to goth, corporate to casual, We can even keep the kids entertained

Fakir acts- where matter meets the mind! Sword swallowing, bed of nails, pincushion, glass eating. Our minds push Our bodies as far as they will go for Your entertainment.

Circus- Aerialists, Acrobats, and contortion! Audiences  will be amazed as We fly above the ground from silks and lyra. On the ground We will twist our bodies in ways that will bend Your mind.

Neo Circus acts- Fire performers, stilt walkers, jugglers! Everything from fire eating to fire fans will light up the night. Stilt walkers to wander the audience or draw attention to Your parade.

Burlesque- with amazing costumes and songs our performers will hold Your audiences attention with their other worldly moves

Talkers- need an personality to tie everything together? Want someone to warm up the crowd and get Your message across? We will keep the energy and attention rolling from act to act for You.

Carnival stunts- classic and new school stunts that will put you on the edge of Your seats! See amazing feats with Drills, tazers, whips, knifes, swords, straight jackets, blow torches and even a chainsaw!